Deeply identify a Student's
Traits .....

Apply the appropriate Academic
Course Plan .....

Launch "Life after
High School Success".....
EDUsystems™ is a life impacting system that provides hope for students to stay in school and create a pathway to achieve "Life After High School Success". EDUsystems uses a 3-tiered process to deeply identify a student's traits, apply the appropriate academic course plan, and combine it with an all-inclusive administrative resource system. It is an "end-to-end" solution with analytical tracking for success/challenges accountability, and seamless data push of student information. The program is recommended for implementation with 3rd graders, and continuing through post-secondary education.


Free interest profiler to find what you are interested in


Create a free graduation plan save & share


EDUsystems PRO
1. MindSight Evaluation - Unlike all basic interest profilers, MindSight is the only in-depth evaluation that assesses motivators and behaviours and couples YOUR results with interests.
2. Automated Tools and Features - PRO offers integration with career information, automated graduation plans, as well as other college and career preparation tools.
EDUsystems students across the country now have the ability to explore career options, get inspired by mentors who are experienced professionals, and stay on track with their futures beyond graduation, by downloading the newest mobile application Wannabe from Apple's iTunes App Store.
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