EDUsystems TM is a life impacting system that provides hope for students to stay in school and create a pathway to achieve "Life After High School Success". EDUsystem uses a 3-tiered process to deeply identify a student's traits & apply the appropriate academic course plan.
Basic Package
EDUsystems PRO
Fully Loaded

In-depth behavioral assessment with the MindSight 5 Report Set ($79.99 retail value) that aligns your interests, career and life goals.

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Interest Profiler

Quick assessment to narrow down careers that interest you.


Search and find colleges that align with your interests.


Research details and education requirements for careers you are interested in.


Find any and all available scholarships, internships or on-campus employment


Your personal databank of high school details and achievements.

Graduation Plan

Easily select classes to align your graduation plan with career goals.

Resume Builder

Quickly and automatically creates customized resumes based on ePortfolio information.

Media Locker

Enables the ability to upload and manage audio, video, photos & documents within EDUsystems.

No Ads

Removes ads from being displayed in EDUsystems.