What can EDUsystems do for you?

What Is It?

EDUsystems is a management tool to assist students in 6th-12th grades to create a pathway for achieving "Life After High-School Success."

It is an end-to-end system that takes students from identification of a student's traits, align it with the appropriate academic course plan, then combined with the EDUsystem's dashboard that allows the student, counselor, and parent to stay informed on career, college, funding, and communication efforts.

The process keeps everyone informed each step of the way.


How does It Work?

EDUsystems gives students a centralized workspace they can start the process by choosing the interest profiler or theMindSight℠ assessment to align for their ideal career and education pathway.

Students have tools to map and manage:

  1. course work choices
  2. research career, college or CTE options
  3. upload experiences for their resume 
  4. automate their college or CTE process
  5. and much more...
How Will It Help?

EDUsystems takes away the headaches of missing deadlines because of a lot of moving parts in a student's process of preparing their life after high school.

    *Students feel in control and gain confidence in their decisions.

    *Counselors gain peace of mind their students are hitting their deadlines.

    *Parents breath easier knowing they can monitor each step of the process from the dashboard.



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Monitor, Track, Guide & Influence Your Students

Student Data Helps You When It Matters

Organized Automated Reporting

Which will you use?


Start with a free interest profiler. Discover natural inclinations today. Create a free graduation plan and share it right now. What will you find in your initial mapping for your college or career technology education (CTE)?

EDUsystems Pro

You mean business and you want it all now. PRO is powered by the MindSight assessment, then it automates the entire course plan giving students a higher education management system with analytical data, tracking and monitoring. 

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Choose What You Want to Be in Life

EDUSystems dashboard is your straight-forward tool to map your future.

EDU-Xpress EDUsystems PRO
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Future Outcomes

You Are the Future - Are You Where You Need to Be?

Start Your EDU-XPress
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Map Your Career - Steer Your Course - Reach Your Destination

EDUsystems Options
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Give Them the Tools They Need

To Build Their Own Future

Give Them the Tools
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