Do You Know Thyself? Are you Sure?

December 26, 2016 - 4 minutes read

We often talk about “preparing for life”, but it seldom includes real preparation: taking account of what we have, what we can do, and what possibilities we have.

The very first thing students need in order to make right choices is ability of objective, methodological assessment of themselves.

You Are Not Just What Others Think Of You

Mindsight Identify choices

Life-choices are often made based on input that’s distorted. Information is sent through the bias of the personal experiences, and likes and dislikes of our peers. It’s limited by the inherent smallness of the sample size, and further tilted due to gaps in the assessment process.

What EDUsystem offers through MindSight™ is a comprehensive and objective report of aptitude and personality. There are three major parts of assessing one’s character:

  1. what they think of others
  2. what they think of themselves
  3. how they relate to positions and responsibilities

The problem with most current assessments is the inherent flaws of interpreting results by other people. By putting the process in the digital space, and taking out the weakness of human nature, we can make reporting much more objective and useful.

Through a virtually limitless sample size, the results from a student’s Mindsight assessment are precise and on point. And because answers are evaluated across the entire process as well as referenced to each other, it covers the entirety of areas, leaving nothing uncertain.


K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple (and) Short)

No matter how good and comprehensive an assessment method is, its accessibility is equally important.

Not only do long and tedious testing strain students’ capacity for attention, making responses less and less reliable as time draws on, they raise the entry point of such assessments to the point of limiting the sample size – and thus lowering its effectiveness.

EDUsystem’s complete MindSight™ process can be done in under an hour, and is even further separated into easily manageable chunks, 15 minutes each.

The questions are easily relatable, and require no lengthy deliberation. They are developed to focus on the core personality forces, and varied to cover alignments and gain ability to extrapolation from the responses.

By posing the same type of questions in two different contexts (relating to others, and relating to the responder), further connections can be made from the same set of simple inquiries. This keeps the accessibility level in a more than manageable position.


The Book Of You

The Book of You - EDUsystems Mindsight

Once the process is done, there is still a single point of failure: no matter how good the results are, their presentation is almost as important as their accuracy.

Thankfully, EDUsystem’s reports, including MindSight™ are as well structured as the assessment process itself. They are designed to provide easy-to-understand insights, propose suitable choice selections, and inspire action.

Starting from a graphical representation, and phasing into a mixed type assessment, it ends with clear action points, and throughout presented with real-life application advice.

It also makes sure that the information is addressed to both the students, counselors, and parents – prompting for involvement in a way that benefits students the most. The insights contained in the pages of a downloadable pdf report create a reliable, solid foundation for the process of education planning and career selection.

Dancing off-beat is awkward – doing it attuned to the rhythm can be often seen as magic. Stay tuned for our next post, where we’ll show you how to find your own inner frequency with the Interest Profiler, and unlock your magic within…