Smart Career Choices For Students

January 17, 2017 - 4 minutes read

In our previous post, we showcased one of the major components in EDUsystem: MindSight™. To further refine your assessment, our Interest Profiler covers the fourth area in discovering the landscape of you.


The Story of The Three Little Pigs

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Most people are familiar with the fable of the three little pigs, chased and hunted by the wolf, until only one’s house remains. The last pig, arriving home, tells the story of the others, creating an unending cycle of describing their demise over and over again.

The humor in the story’s lesson, obviously, is coming from the repetition. But repetition – an often used comical device – can be much less funny in the real world. Depending on their comfort zone, some people are most at ease when given clear directions in a rarely-changing environment. Others cannot stand still, and need ever-varied stimuli to perform at their peak.

Neither of these examples are wrong, and the same holds true to the infinite variety of inbetween. What is wrong, however, is putting a person in an environment that goes against their inner rhythm.

That’s where Interest Profiler comes in.


Forget The Job – Think About The Work

As different and distant the jobs of a legal clerk and a factory worker may be, they share an inherent trait of repetition in their workflows. Or consider a musician and a defense attorney: can they be further apart? Yet, creativity and inventiveness are present in both.

Knowing specific interests makes for smart career choices for students.

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When thinking about our careers, we consider a lot of factors, from payscale to work environment, yet we often forget about the work itself, and whether we are suited for it or not. And when we arrive to regret our decisions, it’s likely too late or too difficult to change.

What EDUsystem’s Interest Profiler does is focusing on this often overlooked area. Putting aside the differences of job areas or positions, it discovers the relationship between character and workflow.


Still Simple, Still Complete

The same careful design and structuring that hallmarks the Mindsight evaluation follows the Interest Profiler as well. In just under 15 minutes comprehensive insights are given, coupled with the same advice to real-life applications.

Dividing interest areas into six categories, a group of questions and a quick interactive exercise explores the aptitude for certain workflows, regardless of industry. Giving you guidance to make smart career choices.

smart career choices for students


Freedom of Choice

Aided by the insights from both MindSight™ and the Interest Profiler, EDUsystems creates personal guidance. Nobody’s perfect, and even more importantly: nobody’s final. We’re capable of change, and free to choose.

The Interest Profiler provides detailed information to all interest categories, further refined into four job zones – defined by not industries, but based on the amount of experience and education needed for each.

Students, now capable of making informed decisions, can explore different scenarios, and learn about what to expect in each zone. Together with their counselors, parents, and peers they can find a path that interests, excites, and suits them, and properly prepare for their future.

Go Here, take a look at what assets you already have to make a better decision for your career, and live a more fulfilled life! One that is aligned to your inner rhythm.

Making Smart Career Choices for Students

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