What I Learned at #EdCampKaty

January 5, 2017 - 5 minutes read

There are a lot of empathetic teachers and administrators in pubic and private schools that are not SEEN. It is as if they are invisible to the outside world.

There is a Magic World of Empathetic Educators in #EDCamp

learned at #edcampkaty

Their role is to guide you on the right path for your education. I found room after room full of these teachers and administrators while at #EdCampKaty. If you have never attended an #EdCamp, let’s start there.

#EdCamp is an organic, participant-driven professional learning experiences created by educators, for educators. You will find purpose driven teachers, administrators, and educational consultants gathering to explore what are the wins and challenges each has seen during their year. They cover topics were from Digital Citizenship to Leadership Skills for Educators.

If you have never attended a “Camp conference” it is an Unconference experience that gives participants the ability to receive what they need from the day VS a planned out schedule of talks or speakers. Everyone wrote out the topics they were interested in either learning more from or had something they could share on sticky notes and attached them to a wide sheet of paper spanning about 10 feet.

Here are the topics educators choose this time.

learned at edcampkaty

  1. I attended Twitter, well Bon and I ended up leading it since we are both Twitter affectionados.
  2. Then listened to High School teachers offer each other insights for what worked for them in their classes, schools and with fellow teachers.
  3. Followed by Personal Learning Network. We find the teachers who embrace PLN are very forward thinkers.
  4. Engaging and motivating struggling learners was eye opening when you are not in a classroom on a daily basis.
  5. Augmented reality had great tips for bringing lessons to live with the students.
  6. Wrapping up the day in a leadership session. Such a delight to see a mix of administrators and teachers together exploring the topic.


Self-driven Educators Are at #EdCamp

learned at edcampkaty

Here’s what I can tell you as a parent and an educational marketer. When you want to find top performers at your child’s school, then look for them to be involved in unique and leading edge events. Just like your child’s teacher might give you feedback on your youngster’s performance in their class, ask their teacher “What do you do to feed your enthusiasm and continuing education as a teacher?” I just learned about something called #EdCamp. “Have you gone to one yet?”

Teachers appreciate it when someone shows a caring interest in them as well. Remember, for us all to doing the right thing in education, we want to find how we can encourage and support each others personal learning and growth.

Be willing to give what you want your child to receive.

Here is what one educator, Bon Crowder had to share about #EdCampKaty. She has a Math blog, check it out.

I have been to many first time Ed Camps. Ed Camp Katy could give some pointers to even experienced Ed Camp organizers. Very Impressive Katy! – Bon Crowder


Where Are Dedicated Educators & Administrators?

learned at edcampkaty


There are dedicated educators and administrators everywhere when you look for them. An easy place to find them is at #EdCamps and Twitter Chats. Depending on where you live you can find Twitter chats that have your local community teachers and administrators participating on a regular basis.

We will create a post on Twitter chats in education. For now check out a couple here:

learned at edcampkaty

#EdCamp – Here is where you can participate with #edcamp nationally. It is an excellent way to expand your learning from educators all over the country.

#TXeduchat – Texas educators and administrators who want to be at the top of their game, helping students reach their learning objectives.

#CSISDChat – College Station school district. Yes, school districts can have a twitter chat connecting teachers with one another and exploring best practices.

Wrapping Your Brain Around Edcamp and Twitter Chats

Connecting with people like @Aaron_Hogan and while you are on Twitter, give us a follow and say hello. We enjoy hearing what you are mastering right now in the education space. We even like hearing your challenges in case we might have an answer you can put into practice.

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